I’m here. In love with her. Deal with it.

And at that very moment, my body doesn’t matter, yours doesnt, how sexy you are dosent. It’s just how sweet you are to me, and how long we’ve known each other that does.

And that’s why no girl has my heart except you, because your just there, in my weakest moments. You know I’m fucked, and your their to help. Some girl at a club may catch my eye at some point, but be sure that is all, because you have my heart, and my body whenever you want my body, I’m there. Youve probably never dated a boy quite like this, and lord knows I’ve never date a girl quite like you. Your weird and fucked up in your own ways, but fuck, do I love the shit out of you. Some fucking city that no one has ever heard of. Not me who normally goes to clubs and meets girls from Pomona or rancho as they call it. But this random seemingly normal girl from Whit-to-the-tier. Nothing normal about her, she may be discreet and conservative in front of the crowd, but get close enough to her heart and she’ll tell you all you need to hear.

The spinach to Popeye
The vicaden to Dr. House
the weed to the Grateful Dead.
the booze to every poor sappy writer that exists on this earth including myself

a women in the form of a drug, that never hurts your health, but doses you with just the right stuff for you to get out of your stupid way.

My girl. Aarin.

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