Wish I knew what you were looking for, but I probably never will.

When someone tells you theyre sad, your mind instantly jumps to a point when you were sad, the problem is 99.9 percent
of the time, you were a diffrent sad than they were.

Life is a big city we are all in for the first time, and none of us
know where the hell anything is.

We are looking for stuff, but there is no one with definitive directions.
All trying to somehow explain to others whats nearby the thing they are looking for.
thinking we, ourselves, were there once.

We werent, its a fucking big city.

I wish I could believe in re-incarnation, because that would mean that this
isnt the first city of life we are in, that we at least kinda know how to get around “life cities”.
But it’s everyones first time. We dont even know that alernative modes of transportation exist.

And lets face it, trying to find stuff when your walking is a bitch.