Wooden Table Lamps, The Glowing Light of Relaxation

Cock Fight on the Moon.
One Night Only – Cereal Vs. Killer

Breaking any camera within a 5 mile radius afraid someone will snap her photo.
I too know a female that tries to fight the water rather than glide with the flow.

You try to convince them you’re the flow, but the flow is unseen, so they can only take your word for it.

Osh Kosh Red and Method Man. The New Line by the OK

The Horse putting his mouth over the kids head like it’s a lollipop.
Nobody said enjoy it while it lasts to that kid. Not my place either,
besides he looked like he wouldn’t understand and I had the gut feeling
the mom would be unappreciative of such a proposed musing.
Be it only a musing, people are sensitive, you can’t think out loud anymore.

White has been the new black since the beginning of time, just ask the big bang.