Working Class Badass

I have a large pile of printed articles lying in the middle of my room. Various blog posts on finding yourself and spirituality. I just looked down at this increasing pile and realized that nothing I have read has come in handy on the daily basis. It’s true what they say, finding yourself, I mean really finding yourself is hard. Deciding what you want to do, how you will go about doing it, where you will end up, and if it will make you happy. And the commitment that you bear with choosing the answers to these questions is gigantic. All you need is one wrong answer….

We have all seen those people,typically referred to as the lower working class. They walk around like bones and cartilage, smoking cigarettes in stained white T’s and Wrangler jeans that just don’t fit right. None of them wanted to be that when they were growing up. So how am I to know I wont just end up like that.

If we could all be successful, it wouldn’t be called success.

But then maybe they find success through other non-material achievements. But do they do it by choice or by force. Perhaps they are ultimately happier because by being forced to live with relatively no fiscal enjoyment, they find other ways to enjoy life.