What has the world come to.

The Snuggie. It looks like something that would exist only if a blanket and a cloak had a retarted love child, and threw it in the dumpster behind a 7-11.
Youve seen it, on late-night TV, its an Advertisment that depicts a blanket that has sleeves, and shows how much of immense contribution this delivers to the people that allow this half-baked device into their lives.
They offer a blue color, and a red color. But no say on a white color, because lets face it, if they did, it would be in wholesale orders the next day to the Tripple K.
It looks like something a bored soccer mom invented, because she wasnt getting laid enough.

The beauty of the city of Angeles, is its overall depth, grandness and complexity mixed in with its small-world charm.
Using public transportation in this city paints that picture for you quite well.


Never ending spiral of sameness.

People are supposed to change as they progress in life, as they get older. but it seems we are stuck in the same loop with a different color scheme. Two high schoolers sitting on the bus talking about how they should get drunk after school this Wednesday. Two construction workers talking about how hard work is, and how they too should get drunk after the working shift is done. Its odd really, you would think that throughout life people would  move away from the same-old, but it seems like,  what will be a chase now, will be forever.

I think a potential Onion article would go something like this.

“New study says kids report less tripping as a result of being told “not to trip” continuously.”

Am I the only one that finds this phrase some kind of a retard sensation. I loathe hearing people use it, not for the obvious reasons, but because I wonder how exactly it came about and spread like the maddening plague that it is today.

The bus has interesting sounds. You know how they say there is in existence every kind of niche pornography possible, I think there might exist some kind of fetish porn that has a woman using the phrases you commonly hear on a bus through the speaker thing they have installed.

guy: oh yeah

girl: please use rear exit!

guy: sweet jesus yes

girl: Approaching Hollywood and Highland Orgasmic Pleasure Ave

guy: woohoo (bear with me im winging it)

girl: stop requested!

These are the things that run around in my mind as I am sitting in idle.