Java’s a Spy

Imagine sitting down in a nice miniature black metallic table, must be from IKEA.

Looking down at your coffee (take the lid off, seriously it’s coffee, they shouldn’t be hiding its appearance from you, it has an appreciable look to it.)

So anyway, upon removing this corporate imposition of a lid on top of your Starbucks cup;

Made for the man on the go, fuck that guy;

You should sit down and enjoy your coffee, it’s a duty of yours.

You have to enjoy the little points of relaxation like that. Don’t ever let anyone take them away from you. Don’t approach it from the standpoint that you deserve it. Who’s to say if you do or don’t, that’s an endless argument you could have with them and yourself, and who has time for any MORE arguments with themselves I say.

I approach it from the angle of it being the humane thing to do.

We often talk about being humane towards animals. We forget, that the word humane stems from the word human.

Sometimes I think someone wants us to forget that we should be humane towards our human selves.

The same way you lay out food for your pooch or cat in the morning and watch as they enjoy it at whatever pace they please and with pure uninterrupted happiness, so should you find time for your own small joys.

After all, first and foremost, you are the owner of yourself before being the owner of any other creature and I think we can all agree that watching our pet friends always-perfect joy at meal time gives us some small morning happiness. A hard thing to find in the morning. A smile on our hearts.

Imagine how it could if be we allowed ourselves the simple joys of that sort more often.

Don’t take the time to find the time, chillaxify brethren.

They want you to think that we’re all just one big crowd. Or two parties, or the two sexes, or one of these “ethnicities” they’ve layed out and you can bubble in, but we’re all interesting separate existing entities , with unique thoughts and connections between our feelings and those thoughts.

So remember the humane thing to do.

Don’t let them convince you that you’re part of the 23-32 blue white collar this-color that-sex demographic.

Imagine looking down after the lid has been taken off and seeing a tiny person in there. A spook in a light brown suit.

I got a shill in my Java.

Does anybody else get the distinct impression from Java that if there was one technology that really put you in the driver seat that it’s Java. It can really pull some stuff off on a guests computer.
I just repaired the disk permissions on my Mac. You know that shit where it goes around looking for files that are out of wack on who is AND isn’t allowed to open them.
It went down the list, Java everywhere. Someones in my Java, the humanity.

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