Tour Guides Don’t Exist.

You know the funny thing.
They tell people from New York:
You wouldn’t want to live there.
Los Angeles.
But we live here, and it’s not that far beyond hell.
For us that is.
But for you..
It’s bad.
It’s overwhelming.
You come here and as soon as you get in you say:
Let’s try and figure this out
the same way you would try to figure Math or English out in a course.
But as you try, that tired and true method, the one that works in every single imaginable other situation.
You get even more so confused than when you stepped off the plane.
You do this for a long while,
all the more time never realizing it’s not working
thinking it’s the city, the city of hell-bent gate guarding angels
It isn’t, it’s your way of thinking
Not that it’s wrong, like I said it’s great for anything else in life you would attempt to comprehend and master. If anything, we’re the fucked.
But Los Angeles isn’t great, it’s weird.
Really weird, backwards would be too far a reversal,
and forward doesn’t even enter the lexicon.
So is it somewhere in the middle?
Heavens no, or should I says Hells.
The line is not straight in this case
There is no Forward, Backward or Middle.
It’s squiggly as shit and it makes you want to puke just looking at it.
I’m sure you’re trying to visualize it right now like this is some kind of unofficial tour guide to Los Angeles.
I wish it was guys, I really do, I’d like to help you out
the same way I would if I knew something that one of my friends didn’t.
But I couldn’t even write a book about trying to adapt.
It’s fucking weird, I never had to, but I’ve seen it on others.
The faces you make, and I get it, that face,
is a direct embodiment of just the feeling your having.
You’re thinking, word for word.
How could things ever get this fucked up and stay this way for so long.

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