Cinematography has never fucked your mind soooo good.

What do the Adjustment Bureau, Source Code, Vanilla Sky and Memento have in common? Perhaps that’s better for each of us to individually answer.. While on Peyote, or maybe you’ll do alright without it. Back to Back to Back to Back, minds will be fucked.

Here’s my minimalist review.

Source Code = Too many realities to fully comprehend, perhaps?
Adjustment Bureau = Got a funky 40’s hat? Good you fucking hipster prick, channel that shit, the doors may open correctly.
Memento = A mothafucker will occasionally be fucked by his forgetfulness.. by the chick from the matrix.
Vanilla Sky = Maybe Tom Cruise, despite his odd behavior as a human being is actually a decent actor?

You hear that Warming Glow and FilmDrunk?

P.S Google Warming Glow and FilmDrunk, together, there is no better source for honest TV & Movie editorials.

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