Currently Pieces of Me.

I have 3 good friends and a girl. The rest of it I don’t really give a shit about. Even though you think that’s a good thing, I wish the caring was more evenly distributed…

I have the 4 most important people in my life on speed-dial. One of them I met in my first year of high school, the second a couple of years in, and the third at a party sharing Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey is something that I believe could at any point be outlawed due to its overwhelming nature.

Doing things with these 3 guys I have come to the conclusion that each of them has a distinct flavor to their personality. Truly three very different people.

Van is my earliest friend, hes a guy thats constantly shifting artistic mediums, and is heavily into music, although which particular genre varies at any given time. At one point Van being a Salvadorian was talking like a black guy because he was so “heavily influenced” by rap and hip-hop. Nowadays hes into dance music. He never lets go of his classic metal roots though. That’s another thing about Van, although he sometimes tip toes around his embarrassment of the past, he never actively hides it. He changes his opinion on things alot, but he never denies what his opinion’s on those same things have been over the years. He’s an honest flip-flopper.
Another thing about Van is that he prefers to not make enemies, he’s sometimes far too nice to people, almost in a kiss-ass manner. Hosts of a party, are offered his aid in cleaning everything up. I think he likes to believe he’s doing it to be polite, but in reality he looks like a desperate sap. Especially considering very often the party’s we go to are not polite affairs to being with, and that’s just how they begin. He tends to never take sides when both sides are present as to avoid conflict. He’s a bit of a pacifist. Which is fine, but sometimes it more trouble then its worth.

Martin is a big guy, and the latest to enter my close circle of friends. He has a very assorted past, one of traveling the US and residing in different states, which makes him one of the most interesting of my friends to observe. He’s had a hard past, mines couldn’t compare and although he is frequently sad and drinking, he preaches the appreciation of life and nature and all that jazz. Martin lives extremely close to me so we have become good friends rather quickly due to the fact that in our desolate shit-stain of an area we only have each other. Me being a Russian, and himself being a heavy man from the mid-west we are easily the heavy weights of our four in terms of drinking.
“It is what it is”, something he so frequently states, is both a pledge to being agreeable with life and simultaneously taking whatever it has to throw at you.

Martin ,like Van, is extremely friendly in such a way that instantly accumulates him a social circle wherever he goes, the only difference being if he doesn’t like the people, he wont attempt charisma, where as Van doesn’t discriminate, even when his own morals lie in heavy conflict with the other party.

Ozzy is an innocent, being our age, but completely untainted by any women entering his life. He’s had no significant others and no sexual adventures. A man without any form of heartbreak. He lives in a bubble world of happiness, because what he doesn’t know, hasn’t hurt him yet.

As for the girl… Let’s leave her for another post.

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