Passion it out.

I don’t know what I should be writing, but I know I should be.
I’ve had nothing short of inspiration lately, interesting things transpiring in the day-to-day, and it feels like my life is finally in the beginning stages of molding into something.

I’m not surprised often in life, I’ve become fairly good at predicting the various outcomes of actions I take and coupling them with the reactions of the affected parties.

Lately though, there have been a lot of little curve balls. The happenings of my days have been speeding at an accelerated pace, to a point where its a bit hard to keep up because I’m so used to slow days.
I’m adjusting, but with the sinking feeling that all these things I’m attempting to adapt to are just going to burn in a hellish blaze before I can get my shit together for them.

It’s a wave of cheerfulness with an undercurrent of pessimistic paranoia.

And although I’m cheerful, I know I cant expect to keep these good things without applying equilibrium to the give and take relationship that I unexpectedly walked in on.

If at some point before I can fill the hole I’ve previously dug for myself, these things begin planning an escape, I will not, for a second, hesitate to fight for them.
I suppose lately I feel like fighting for the good things in my life, wont be a pointless uphill battle.

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