Radio Tuning is an Art.

There are two types of people out there, the kind that scan through all the radio stations until they find something they really like, and the kind that just settle for something that sounds okay.
At first you may think there is a third kind, I assure you there is not.
The key here is to realize that perhaps the radio stations are a good analogy to the situations in life.
People can be classified as either the settling type, or the type, that do not begin settling until everything is just the way they like it.

In the car, they are snickered at for their constant dissatisfaction with the current song, and the impulse to change the channel.
In life they are ridiculed as radicals, people that think way too far outside the box, because they feel it would be better this way.
Although it may sound like the channel-changers have it better, consider that being that type of person, means you are essentially never happy, and eternally dissatisfied.

The bigger question here, is why does changing the world in a huge way, essentially guarantee your un-happiness?

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