What has the world come to.

The Snuggie. It looks like something that would exist only if a blanket and a cloak had a retarted love child, and threw it in the dumpster behind a 7-11.
Youve seen it, on late-night TV, its an Advertisment that depicts a blanket that has sleeves, and shows how much of immense contribution this delivers to the people that allow this half-baked device into their lives.
They offer a blue color, and a red color. But no say on a white color, because lets face it, if they did, it would be in wholesale orders the next day to the Tripple K.
It looks like something a bored soccer mom invented, because she wasnt getting laid enough.

The beauty of the city of Angeles, is its overall depth, grandness and complexity mixed in with its small-world charm.
Using public transportation in this city paints that picture for you quite well.

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